Weifert Days is a new city event that will be organised in Pančevo, on June 12-13, 2015, for the first time. The motto of this event is “The place where it all started”.

Intention of the Tourist Organisation of Pančevo, who are organisers of this event, is to promote the person and lifework of the renowned citizen of Pančevo, Georg Weifert (Đorđe Vajfert),  in support to the tourist, cultural, artistic as well as economic potentials of the City of Pančevo.

„The place where it all started“

The life of Georg Weifert, an industrialist and the first governor of the National Bank, a famous patron of art, art collector, benefactor, protector of the children, women and the poor has been an everlasting source of inspiration to citizens and visitors of Pančevo. The Tourist Organisation of Pančevo has therefore decided to tap into this resource and to create one event rich in various programs that will familiarise the public with the outstanding industrial and cultural heritage of Pančevo and with the respectable and meritorious individuals that were born and/or lived in our city.

A travel through the life and heritage of Georg Weifert, starting from his birth and childhood to the last days of his life and his death (1850-1937), to be organised on June 12-13 2015, will help revive a long forgotten time of pioneering endeavors of our ancestors: the first beer manufactures that became known in the entire country and wider, the first bank transactions, significant investments in art and science, and maybe most significant of all – acts of unselfish benefaction.

Values cherished by Georg Weifert (diligence, curiosity of the mind, pioneer spirit, social responsibility and philanthropy) will be promoted during the Weifert Days –  an event that aims at inspiring the spirit of cooperation that has adorned citizens of Pančevo through history.

Our objective is to make sure that Georg Weifert and the ideas he had advocated in his efforts to best serve the community, become a recognizable brand of Pančevo, locally and wider. Honest and dilligent work, innovative mind and love for your neighbour – those are the values we need today as much as ever in order to spur the city economy and encourage strong entrepreneurial spirit, at the same time inspiring everyone into conducting socially responsible business.

Branislav Rovčanin, manager of the Tourist Organisation of Pančevo


The Weifert Days will begin with a diversified side program in mid-May, while the central program will be organised in the heart of the Old Town Core, on June 12-13. The program is divided into several segments, and we draw your attention to the tourist events (a field trip for the highschool children and promotion of a new tourist route), culture & art events (concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures) as well as economy-related events (expert forums, an old crafts fair).

The Tourist Organisation of Pančevo is organising the Weifert Days with support of the City of Pančevo.